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Angel Animals Network

"Animals are divine messengers of miracles that go far beyond emotional comfort and practical assistance. Talk to those who have been transported to a heavenly place by the gentle purring of a kitten or whose broken hearts, burdened by worry and pain, have been mended by a dog licking their hand. They will tell you that animals connect them with the River of Life in ways poets imagine and mystics contemplate. They will tell you that their deepest and most sincere relationships with animals are spiritual partnerships." --Allen and Linda Anderson, Angel Animals: Divine Messengers of Miracles, p.1
"“Women and dogs dance in harmony with life. As long as they are partners, it doesn’t matter if the dance turns gentle, stormy, joyous, or heartbreaking. They take turns leading and following. They adapt. Simply put, they get each other.”

--Allen and Linda Anderson, DOGS AND THE WOMEN WHO LOVE THEM

DOGS AND THE WOMEN WHO LOVE THEM By Allen and Linda Anderson